I visited the MSN website in April 2005...


And saw this...


More Information:

MSN is running an Ad to promote Dell computers on the MSN HOME PAGE!
What a wonderful place for Dell to run their ads!
I can only imagine how many people see the ad!

The movie shows a visitor, clicking on the Dell computer ad at MSN, then it shows the Zango parasite opening a new window and writing a cookie on the visitors computer to take credit for any sale that happens.

Someone is paying MSN a lot of money for those Dell ads.  I presume it's Dell.  Whoever it is, I bet they wouldn't appreciate Zango (aka 180 solutions) taking credit for any Dell sales.

If a buyer clicks the ad, the information goes from MSN, through LinkShare, to Dell to show who gets paid a commission for the sale.  I bet LinkShare doesn't like Zango taking the credit either.

What a mess!

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