I visited the SHOEBUY website in April 2005...


And saw this...


More Information:

I don't show the details here, but a cookie was written as the Zango popup window opened - someone advertising through Metrics Direct (the ad arm of 180 Solutions / Zango) apparently thinks they're entitled to the commission when a consumer directly types the shoebuy.com name into their browser. In this case, no commission should be owed to anyone, but ShoeBuy's tracking will show this popup advertiser as "earning" the sale.

180 Solutions claims that people want these ads - since my movie shows the popup ad opening the SAME window where the consumer already was at, what purpose can it possibly serve as an ad? None! If you're already there to buy, why is there a popup window to the same page? This allows Metrics Direct to offer the "advertisers" the chance to claim the sale by writing a cookie via the popup window. 180 Solutions (aka Zango and aka Metrics Direct) could easily have a policy to not target identical pages with popup ads, but as you can see from their perspective, this activity (that does NOT serve any consumers needs!) is exactly what they do as a standard practice.

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