I visited the CENTER FOR DEMOCRACY & TECHNOLOGY website in April 2005...


And saw this...


More Information:

Reported to the CDT.ORG on 4/26/2005.
Zango / 180Solutions targets and triggers off of cdt.org domain name.
And delivers these types of ads that pop over the CDT site (see movie above).
Zango gets paid, by people who advertise through there Metrics Direct division, to take advantage of the CDT's web property (domain name and content) and their audience / visitors.
This should be illegal in my opinion.

Without the CDT's permission needed, imagine the possibilities of what else THEY may decide are legitimate uses of the CDT property and who else they may sell cdt.org related ad space to...
And, as CDT knows well, Zango / 180 is but one of many doing this - consider all of the ads that are running from the CDT site daily... without CDT's permission...
When I recorded this movie, it was my first visit to the CDT site - I started recording the movie when I went there - popped pretty quickly - this is sadly, very common and reflects the breadth and frequency of this activity.

To add insult to injury, the company I recorded popping on your site is ACTUALLY SPYWARE ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!
So, because of Zango, the CDT site is being used to advertise and distribute this crap!!!!!!!!
URL popping on your site: www.privacydefender3.com/webApp/90014a.asp (see it in movie linked above)
Go here: http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm
Scroll down to "Privacy Defender" and learn the other names this crap is distributed under and how it is actually spyware / adware itself.
Go here: http://www.spywarewarrior.com/family_resemblances.htm#2
And see the many permutations / shells this same "product" is distributed under.
It is NASTY that they use the CDT.ORG site to perpetrate this further on the public - the very same people that the CDT is protecting!!!!!!!!!
And, it is exactly central to my point, that unauthorized ads and their having someone else determine how your site is used, is a recipe for abuse.

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