I visited the UNITED STATES FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION website in April 2005...


And saw this...


More Information:

The FTC regulates advertising in the United States. People who use unfair trade or advertising practices can expect the FTC to knock on their door, and to levy hefty fines, if they don't play fair. But, in this case, who's knocking on whose door?

Zango is running ads the trigger off of the FTC's website!!! Like a pickpocket who steals from the cops!!! It's out of control and the FTC is acting too slowly to stop these practices.

I reported this situation to the FTC anyhow, perhaps they'll do something eventually.

Watch the movie, it's a shame and it's disgraceful! On the FTC's warning page to consumers, where they warn us about college scholarship scams, there's a college scholarship scam running ads that popup from this FTC webpage...

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