I visited the BESTBUY website in April 2005...

Best Buy's Special Page setup to redirect to NetFlix

I had seen this BestBuy-NetFlix offer mentioned on TV and it was also in the BestBuy flyer inserted into my Sunday morning copy of the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.  So I visited this special page BestBuy has setup...

And saw this...


More Information:

BestBuy is running Ads to promote Netflix!

What a wonderful business deal and synergy to leverage! Personally, I love BestBuy - shop there all, the time - I know they are a "winner" of a company. I buy computers there and games and paper and cameras and TVs and more. They have great deals. So, in my mind, I see them partnered with NetFlix and I know BestBuy only picks good partners, so I'm interested in NetFlix now. I'm sure this same thing happens to thousands and thousands of people - and NetFlix and BestBuy both benefit from joint marketing. All is good! Until Zango shows up and steals the credit for many of the resulting sales! Since it's all done covertly, BestBuy and NetFlix don't even know they're being stolen from. And they'll never know how good their joint efforts actually were, since Zango was secretly skimming sales and profits from the BestBuy-NetFlix deal.

The movie shows a visitor to Best Buy's special netflix URL is redirected to the special NetFlix offer - as they should be.  It also shows the Zango parasite subsequently opening a new window and writing a cookie on the visitors computer to take credit for any sale that happens.

So BestBuy runs the NetFlix Ad on TV and in the newspaper and many other places - but Zango gets the credit for any sales?

I bet neither BestBuy or NetFlix is happy with the theft going on here!

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