I visited the UNITED STATES SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (SBA) website in April 2005...

Small Business Administration (SBA)

And saw this...


Note: Shows a Canadian Internet company (advertiser) who pays the parasitic ad vehicle to pop ads and generate business leads off of the US Small Business Association's site... and then brag about their billions of website hits they've received and how they're showing their franchisees how to do more of the the same.

More Information:

You can't hand out Burger King coupons inside a McDonald's.
You can't paint your company's logo on another company's front door.
But they are doing it to the SBA website... And making a profit from it.

The SBA's website is their front door, their billboard, their marketing tool, their catalog.
It's their virtual office where they provide their products and services.
It's their brand, their face, their property.

The SBA should consider (and view through their own testing) the possibilities of who else may buy ad space that triggers off of their domain name and their site's content.

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