I visited the DISHPRONTO website in May 2005...

Dish Pronto

And saw this...


Movie (5/5/2005) showing Pronto affiliate #1462, using Zango to steal commissions.

More Information:

Movie shows a visitor who searches Google for DishPronto - the person knows the Pronto brand name - maybe learned it from a neighbor.  This would be a customer where Pronto would NOT have to pay an affiliate commission if a sale occurs - the sales credit belongs to DishPronto itself only.  The customer searches for DishPronto, finds the DishPronto site listed at Google and visits the DishPronto site, browsing for information there.  As they browse, note there's no affiliate code showing in the upper left of the video because there's been no referral from any affiliate - they consumer found Pronto using a search engine.

This customer browses for a minute and decides to exit Pronto - perhaps they will return after dinner to make their purchase.  As the Pronto window is closed, two things are then shown in the movie:

Cookie tracking tool is shown as an affiliate referral cookie is mysteriously written - affiliate code 1462.

A Zango / 180 pop-up window happens - the content of that window is unrelated to satellite TV - no matter, the Zango software people use invisible iFrame windows and quick redirects to open the pop up ad at the same time the write an affiliate cookie for the site the visitor is at - Dish Pronto.

So the credit for this visitor, and the commission for any subsequent sale, now is tagged to affiliate 1462 via the cookie that has been covertly written.  DishPronto earned this sale on the strength of their own branding - no affiliate commission should be paid - but it will appear in Pronto's tracking system to have been referred by 1462. Affiliate 1462 is stealing commissions!

Viewing the movie at time index 1:02, you can clearly see no affiliateprogram cookie existed for any Pronto activity... until the Zango window opened and used code to covertly write a cookie claiming credit for this Pronto visitor.

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