I visited the RUGMAN website in October 2005...


And saw this...


Movie (10/19/2005) shows Commission Junction affiliate stealing credit for a sales commission - using Wurld Media parasite to force click / cookie stuff to steal commissions.

I reported this to Rugman the same day.

More Information:

Movie shows a visitor who types in the domain name for Rugman - so no affiliate has earned a sales commission.  My cookie viewing utility shows there's no referral cookies (I cleared them all before taking the movie) before he pops using the parasite.  After, the Commission Junction trail of cookies is present.

This SHOULD be a visitor where Rugman would NOT have to pay an affiliate commission if a sale occurs - no affiliate brought the visitor because the visitor KNEW, and directly typed in, the domain name for Rugman.

My cookie viewing tool (and browser status bar if you look closely) shows the CJ affiliate information being recorded as soon as the site loads.

And tomorrow is the day the new PSA (rules) for affiliates go into effect at CJ - guess a little last minute stealing was caught on video here for you!

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